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Best Jordan 11 Reps : Fake Jordan 11 Online Store

Air Jordan 11 Design Inspiration
The design inspiration of the 11th generation comes from the casing of the lawn mower
The Fake Jordan 11 generation is the last pair of basketball shoes with sole air cushion among the original shoes of Air Jordan (AJ after the 12th generation began to use ZOOM), but compared with its ten predecessors, the 11th generation has better court performance.
When Tinker designed the Jordan 11 Reps, he was not sure whether the trapeze would wear this pair of basketball shoes. At that time, it was the sad years when Jordan left the NBA and struggled in the American Major League Baseball. The 9th generation had just become an alternative that the trapeze did not wear on the basketball court. , Jordan himself didn't like the 10th generation. Even after returning to the game later, that pair of shoes still failed to become a part of him. However, when the outside world questioned Tinker, Jordan suddenly announced to the world: "I'm back!" It was March 18, 1995, and the world was boiling because of the return of the trapeze. The hero wearing the No. 45 jersey returned to that familiar stage the next day.
Therefore, Tinker and his design team are more aware that the Jordan 11 generation will be a symbol of a new era, and he has strengthened the design of this pair of shoes.
This is the first pair of patent leather designs in the history of basketball shoes, which makes the shoes not easy to be stretched, light and gorgeous, and looks more like a beautiful sports car shell. The nylon material of the upper completely reduces the overall load. In the history of the AIR JORDAN series, another lightweight milestone was born in this way.

Birth of the Air Jordan 11
Fortunately, Nike couldn't hold back him and agreed to the execution of Jordan 11 Reps, otherwise it would almost destroy a star legend. He piled up various elements, such as patent leather, large carbon plates and translucent soles, which were elements that Air Jordan did not have in the past. Since Jordan changed his career to play baseball, he did not participate in the design of Fake Jordan 11, allowing Tinker to play freely. Definitely a bold attempt.
When Tinker showed Jordan the Cheap Jordan 11, because of the shiny patent leather around it, which was similar to the texture of leather shoes, he said happily: "I think someone will take these shoes and use them to match a tuxedo". Tinker only thought he was saying polite words, but he didn't expect that when the popular R&B group Boyz II Men attended the American Music Awards, they would wear formal clothes with Rep Jordan 11.

Since then, Air Jordan 11 Reps is not only a pair of basketball shoes that can be played. The fashion industry and music industry have begun to use this pair of shoes as a single product. Replica Jordan 11 has also become a pair of trendy casual shoes. Both Tinker and Jordan have expressed in public that AJ 11 is their favorite. favorite sneakers.

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